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The RV Park will open for the Season on April 28, 2017

Cloudcroft New Mexico

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Scenic Canyon RV Park


"One of the most beautiful, spacious, and restful RV parks youŽll find. Anywhere!"


IMPORTANT NOTICE: SOME OF OUR GUESTS HAVE RECENTLY BEEN MISDIRECTED BY THEIR GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEMS. THE SYSTEMS ERRONEOUSLY DIRECT THEM TO TURN ONTO BALSAM CANYON ROAD RATHER THAN DRY CANYON ROAD. Do NOT turn onto Balsam Canyon Road. It is basically a dead end with no way out. Dry Canyon Road is about 50 yards West of Balsam Canyon Road. Dry Canyon Road is paved where as Balsam Canyon Road is not. You must make the turn from US Hwy 82 on to Dry Canyon Road to get here.

Nestled in the beautiful pine forests just outside of Cloudcroft, Scenic Canyon RV Park is one of the most desirable locations in New Mexico. We are located 1 mile off of US Hwy 82.

The mountain scenery is breathtaking.

The air is clean.

And it is so wonderfully quiet you can actually hear yourself breathe.

We have 15 spaces currently available . Each space is equipped with:

  • Water and sewer.

  • 30-amp electrical connections.

  • 50+ channels of Cable TV.

  • Phone hook-ups.

  • Picnic tables.

  • Free Wireless Internet (WiFi)

These services are also available:

  • RV parts and accessories.


Scenic Canyon RV Park

We are now an Adults (45+) only RV Park. At least one person in the party must be 45 years of age or older.  All members of the party must be 21 years of age or older.

We are located in a beautiful and peaceful canyon. We are not subjected to highway noise. There are no trains and only a few airplanes. We value the quiet and expect our guests to respect others by not creating excess noise.




                                  Come join the friendly hospitality.


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