WiFi & Phone

Wifi and Telephone Information

We can provide you with Wireless access to the Internet at no additional cost. Please note that we are not an Internet Service Provider. We do not provide email accounts and cannot support the sending of POP mail (SMTP). You can usually receive POP email. We suggest that if you do not already have a web-based email account such as Hotmail or Yahoo – get one. You can forward POP accounts to them.

This is a shared connection with only a certain amount of bandwidth available. Guests should not run applications such as interactive games, downloading of large files and Voice Over Internet Telephony. Excessive use will result in disconnection.

No Warranty or Guarantee is made concerning the WiFi speed or suitability that customers may experience.

Cellular Telephones: The preferred service at this location is Verizon Wireless. Most Sprint customers are able to roam here. A site is nearby and digital reception is good. AT&T and T-Mobile customers cannot get service at this location.